Big Destiny

BIG DESTINY is a western mass based band and collective comprised of like minded teenagers who tend towards eclecticism. We draw from an array of influences from funk, modern dance, pop, punk, and much more. The moral of this story is, the BIG DESTINY is to dance. 


The core members are Iggy Passigila (band leader, and saxophone) Nina Forman (lead vocals), Arlo Kline (drums), Winter Williams (keyboards), Julian Lindop (guitar), Maya Williams-Russell (bass) Nick Daniele (bass).

Color Killers

Color Killer is a pop punk band that was formed in 2017 and quickly gained popularity when a practice video of their song “Down With Winter” received over one million views on Facebook in less than two weeks.  In 2018 they became the youngest band ever to perform on the Vans Warped Tour (Lincoln was just 8 years old).  They have traveled to CA to headline a festival at the legendary Gilman Street, opened for the Mighty Mighty Bosststones, The Queers, Big D and the Kids Table and many other bands.  Lincoln even played a show in Japan with Japanese musicians filling in for the rest of the band.  Ironbound Films reached out to them prior to Warped and began filming a documentary on the band.  After delays due to covid, the documentary is finally complete and has been premiering in film festivals across the country. 

Ezra Holloway

Ezra Holloway from Saxtons River VT has been performing live since 2016. In 2018 he formed The Man-Made Tragedies where he was the lead singer, bass player, rhythm guitarist and principle songwriter.  Ezra released the bands self titled EP in May 2022 and is currently working on his solo EP. Described as a "Magnetic", "Energetic" and "Over the top" front man Ezra always keep the crowd jumping. Most of Ezra's music ranges within the punk genre, one fan referred to him as "Johnny Rotten fronting Sum 41". Ezra's set list typically contains mostly original work with an occasional cover thrown in.

Granite Danes

Once upon a time in the dreamy smoker filled land known as the Portsmouth Musical and Arts Center parking lot, Reece Leddy decided to start a band. Reese was an aspiring bass player and lead singer with delusions of grandeur.  The lineup would consist of; Declan, a crazed brooklyn resident turned drummer that had moved to portsmouth; Ian a band kid that can’t go 10 minutes without making a joke, and Rocky. 

Under the Overpass

Under the Overpass is a four member post punk band born and raised in a basement. With influences from SoCal Punk and Hardcore they melted their tastes into unique music. Guitarist Mono Moore and drummer Lucas Majer quickly found bassist Sock (it’s a long story) Plumb and singer Sophie Clough. They live by the motto, “Anything can be a song lyric if you’re funky enough”.