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What's BrattRock?

BrattRock—the Brattleboro Youth Rock Festival, established in 2016--brings together people of all ages to honor and celebrate talented, dedicated, and passionate young musicians. The event serves as an educational opportunity and a chance for area youth to gather and network, as well as to develop and showcase their musical talent in a positive, supportive, non-competitive atmosphere.


Our Goal

BrattRock not only provides an opportunity for musically-minded youth to meet and collaborate creatively; it also joins local youth with adult music professionals who will serve in a mentoring role, offering support and instruction related to music and musical performance. Beyond all that, it's a super fun community event that we hope will bring joy and inspiration to all who participate and attend.


With local youth at the heart of our mission, BrattRock is committed to supporting other organizations and programs that benefit young people. A portion of the proceeds from BrattRock supports Youth Services of Brattleboro.


Who Can Participate?

Participation is open to youth bands and solo performers from Vermont and the surrounding region with all members under 20 years of age. To be considered for participation, bands must submit the Registration Form on this website and a short performance video.  






Our Mission

BrattRock provides a venue for musically-minded youth from Vermont and the surrounding region to connect, learn, perform, inspire, and be inspired. 

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